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Shopping for Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas are made by the company Mascaro who are a family brand that have been making shoes since 1918 in Ferrerias, Spain.  In 2005,  Pretty Ballerina was established with the intention of becoming the brand leader for ballet flats.  Only the finest Italian and Spanish leathers are used to create the vast range of ballet flats in fun fabrics and unique designs.  There is a vast array of colours and silhoettes to suit everyone, making them the go-to shoe for an off-duty style.  Each shoe in the collection is named after a famous music or film icon which helps their loyal customers remember which shape suits them best.
In 2013, the brand created the Pretty Loafers spin-off offering more choice of pretty loafers, moccasins and funky lace-ups for that slightly more androgynous style.

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